Welcome to the YourSparkling website.

Being a true girl at heart I love all things pretty and sparkling.
Based in the mountains of the Snowdonia national park in Wales, my work draws its inspiration from the colours, textures and shapes that I find in the wild and beautiful landscape around me. A landscape that is alive with ever changing light and colour.

Whether it is the shimmer of the winter sun on the beautiful slate green sea, the intense yellow of the gorse flowers in bloom on the hillsides or the sparkle of quartz crystals glittering in a clear mountain steam.
My jewellery captures this delicate balance of colours and pure clear light using the finest quality materials available.
Using fresh water Pearls, precision cut Swarovski crystals and materials drawn from my surroundings I create the pieces shown here so that everyone can enjoy a small piece of that wild beauty.
I hope you enjoy my collection,

If you have something or someone particular in mind, please contact me and I will be happy to create an individual piece to your specifications.
I can also create a range of pieces for groups and special occasions.

Please contact me with any feedback, questions or queries