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Contemporary Crown Of Thorns


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Seller's Description

Cut from sheet stainless-steel and red acrylic, our contemporary crown of thorns is based on spaghetti junction. This is a unique piece from our award winning designer, Laura Carnell.

Ships from Ottery St Mary-UK
Postage Costs:  £5.00 1st Item
£5.00 each additional item
Overseas: £10.00 1st Item
£10.00 each additional item

Additional Info

Available with or without red acrylic centre, if not specified we will supply the plain steel crown without acrylic.

Sorry, we do not accept returns on this item.

Seller's Policies

If you need to specify colour or other options for your purchase, please email me at laura@rara-design.co.uk with your name, order details and the required option information.

If you would like to contact our designer to discuss a project please feel free to email at the above address.

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