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Types of charm bracelets

Types of charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are one of the most visually enticing, impressive and interesting types of bracelets on the market. They are designed in the form of a link band and on that particular band you can add a wide array of dangling pieces. These are known as charms, hence the name of charm bracelets.

There are many types of charm bracelets on the market and they do tend to have a different meaning depending on who created them, where you wear them and so on. These never tend to go out of style, they are always fashionable and very easy to use. You will be very impressed with the results due to that reason alone, which is why exactly why you need to find the right model to suit your needs.

Plus, when you create or choose charm bracelets you are able to add in pretty pieces like the semi-precious stones or pearls that tend to add quite a bit of value and quality to your jewelry to begin with.

Traditional charm bracelets

The most widely spread type of charm bracelets is the dangling one. This is the traditional style and it has a base that’s created by links of silver, gold or leather and these are linked with fabric to offer comfort to your wrist. Here you can add quite a bit of charm types that will offer you the quality and help you need in the long term. The charms you can find here are coins, hearts, horse shoes and so on. Adding in bells, turtles, frogs or even pictograms is another common trait for this particular style of charm bracelets.

European charm bracelets

European charm bracelets, also known as the Pandora form is created by adding in beads on a base similar to a rope. You can add in any type of charms, including regular glass beads, gemstones as well as various themes if you want. There are many that tend to add Murano beads here and others actually are ok with the idea of adding wood, gemstone, glass and metal structures as well.

Italian charm bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are some of the latest on the market. These are created out of small flat pieces that are interlocking with one another. It’s a very interesting, custom design that helps you represent yourself. There are no charms dangling from the chain, something that makes this very distinct and unique to begin with.

Branded charm bracelets

You can also find some branded charm bracelets at this time, with Nomination and Pandora being a good option. These allow you to customize your own bracelet if you want. The only downside is that their price might be a little higher than expected.

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